Nora and the Astas are still abed.

This is in part because it is early yet. But even were it later in the morn (“Brunch, dad! Let’s do brunch with champagne for you and mom”!) I suspect the ladies would still be dozing: we walked them ragged yesterday.

During the decade I made Denver my home the city set about improving its downtown such that now you can walk everywhere. And we did; up the hill to the state capitol; back down the hill to Coors Field 1; and up again up to the Denver Art Museum. All the while making stops at shoppes, bistros and other oddities as caught our eye. 2

So the girls are whipped. Hell, it wouldn’t surprise me if they dropped a couple of pounds yesterday, real Devonshire cream in their afternoon tea or no.

That’s one of the things you notice in the mountains and, though to a lesser extent, in Denver proper: far fewer sightings of the morbidly obese. Yes, you will still see people 10 or 20 pounds overweight, but those sightings are also less prevalent than back in KC.

I suppose you could attribute some of that to Colorado’s lack of decent barbecue. I mean ANY decent Q’ ANYWHERE in the state.

But much of it can be ascribed to Coloradans’ more generally healthy lifestyle combined with an effete’s sneering attitude toward bacon.

Long and short of it is people wear less here and you’re not tempted, as in KC, to avert your eyes for fear of sustaining permanent psychic damage. It is pleasant to gaze on scantily clad, well proportioned bodies, maybe even envision them less clad. In thongs, say.

It was with this in mind that I read the following:

Naked and Scared Challenge

Think you’re brave? Experience The Unknown haunted house with ZERO protection! We dare you to take the Naked and Scared Challenge only at Shocktoberfest!

Inspired by the hit show “Naked and Afraid” on the Discovery channel, Shocktoberfest has created The Naked and Scared Challenge to test your fears and phobias on a whole new level. For the first time ever you can now experience the Unknown Haunted House totally naked! See if you have Gymnophobia- the fear of being nude. Naked and Scared tickets are limited. Online ticket purchase recommended

Well, hell – sign me up!

Except, of course, this isn’t in Denver.

It’s in Philadelphia 3

Sad, really. If there’s one city in America that could make Kansas Citians appear svelte…

WNBTv - Good TV!

Show 3 footnotes

  1. Where we easily cadged ducats for tonight’s game against Boston; benefits of a losing team late in the season.
  2. Sweet Rush Yogurt turned out to be an instant hit.
  3. Okay: technically it’s in Sinking Spring, a scant 60 miles northwest of Philly. But what’s 60 miles in a car full of women and beer on a Friday night? Next to nuthin’…

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