Cruz vs Corker

Cruz vs Corker is some damned exciting TV…for, you know, what normally passes for learned debate on the floor of the US Senate.

It is also emblematic of what has gone so terribly wrong within the stillborn heart of the GOP. While I too mocked Cruz’s seeming effort in futility (much as I have mocked the relatively small Scrotum of Tea Baggers that have run roughshod over Grandpa Boehner and the rest of the GOP since their election) it is worth noting that Ted and the Tea Bagger’s aren’t leaving the party any time soon. 1

Indeed, what presented as yet another Tea Bagger’s defiantly pointless kamikaze run was actually a broadside across the GOP’s bow: we intend to board your ship, loot it and then burn it down to the keel.

What’s frightening for the Republicans is they’ve no strategy to counter this mutiny. Meanwhile the Dems continue to epitomize the best qualities of an opossum. No, there is no stopping the Tea Baggers should they decide they want to completely Borg the GOP.

In that light Cruz vs Corker is but a minor undercard bout.

But in a few years…

WNBTv - Good TV!

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  1. This despite persistent predictions to the contrary; so much wishful thinking on the part of a calcified political apparatus locked in place by fear of being tossed out of office.

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