Congress Critters

Late last night the Congress Critters of the House, on a straight party-line vote, passed yet another doomed CR. Because, you know — Obamacare! 1

So I’ve read today’s dailies, the broadsheets and even a couple of reliable political blogs; as far as I’m able to discern Boehner has absolutely zero plans beyond sending this latest legislative POS back to the Senate. Tag – you’re it!

Really? All you have to do to be Speaker of the House these days is kowtow to your violently insane minority then pass the buck?

On the other hand perhaps Boehner is truly an e-vil genius and is positioning his party to (unknowingly) ultimately cede both the CR and coming debt-ceiling discussions to the Democrats. If the Scrotum of Tea Baggers forcing the coming fiasco are bloodied with the $21 million-a-day price tag of the shutdown, not to mention the broader economic impacts, he may regain the whip hand in his own party.

Then again it’s entirely possible neither side will blink and the government will be quiesced for up to a month.

Hilariously — in fact the only amusing thing about this short-bus stand-off — the outage will have no effect on the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

Congress Critters

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  1. Or as we like to call it here at WNBTv: domestic terrorism.

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