On Syria

We opined waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back when the U.S. would interfere with Syria’s internal affairs. 1 We’re morally certain the reasons for this lie in the fact America has become a crypto-fascist state governed not by The Will of The People, but by the Love of the Almighty Dollar, the Military Industrial Complex, and a few select if insane billionaires. 2

But (without piling on the ever popular WWI meme) are we really so far gone we’re willing to ignore Russia’s  bald warnings? Do we think Iran is jes’ kiddin’ ’round when it says it will destroy Israel if we launch a strike against Syria?

And excuse us if we’re pissing in someone’s punch bowl, but why in the hell would this decision be up to President Obama? It seems to us that the Constitution lays out how, where, when and why America will take it’s enemies to marital task, n’est-ce pas?

In fact, where is the Congressional leadership? That “august” body holds the power to declare war, not the president.

Who is setting US policy here?

And what exactly is that policy? DId it take into account that only 9% of Americans approve of any intervention in Syria? If this really is a “defining moment”, great – call Congress back into session to vote on the issue and, if necessary, declare war. 3

And excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse us again, but the Syria scenario simply stinks of absent yellow cake and imaginary bio-weapons labs. WTF, Kerry saw it on YouTube?!? Are you fuckin’ kidding us? The NSA, NRO, CIA, DIA (and half a dozen other agencies you wouldn’t believe existed even if we escorted you up to their front doors in Maryland, Virginia and WDC) offer no definitive proof of chemical weapons slaughter, but Kerry’s okay with a vid on YouTube!?

And even if chemical weapons have been used in Syria? It’s sort of their business, right? Leave them alone to sort it out. History shows another nation once fought a four year civil war, killing well over three quarters of a million soldiers and uncountable civilians. Yet no foreign country interceded. And the nation eventually solved its differences and went about its way.

Why that nation 4 now insists on dabbling in everyone else’s business is a farcical tragedy. 5

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Show 5 footnotes

  1. Though we fervently hope we’re wrong.
  2. Which we will address at a later date.
  3. Never happen; people would see we weren’t really declaring war on a ‘nation’, but simply meddling about in our neighbors’ affairs.
  4. Busted! It was the U.S.
  5. Let us also consider the recent past: the illegal US invasion and occupation of Ira,q and the 10 Years War in Afghanistan did nothing — we repeat, NOTHING — to diminish al Qaida activity in those countries. To the contrary, America’s ham-handed interference actually increased al Qaida membership and activity. Don’t be mislead by by claims that al Qaida will “benefit” from a Syrian civil war. Ask yourself instead what, exactly, would a US intervention in Syria distract us from in our own country?

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