Selling Weapons To a Terrorist Nation

In other news…the U.S. has decided to sell $641 million worth of cluster bombs to Saudi Arabia.

“To my knowledge, the sale of cluster munitions by the United States is infrequent today, so this sale is surprising in the sense that this is a very sophisticated, controversial system because these are cluster bombs,” Kimball continues.

“Further, that these weapons are used by Saudi Arabia is questionable from a military standpoint. These weapons have not been used by the U.S. in over a decade, so it’s hard to see why it’s in our interest to sell these to Saudi Arabia.”

Cluster bombs are air-dropped munitions meant to open in mid-air and release hundreds of additional “bomblets”, thus significantly expanding the potential damage inflicted in the attack. Yet for years global sentiment has coalesced against the use of cluster bombs due to the fact that some of the bomblets invariably fail to explode, resulting in lingering danger for civilians long after conflicts end.

As of 2011, 39 countries were dealing with the after-effects of cluster bomb use, according to the U.S. Campaign to Ban Landmines, an advocacy group. The group says that list includes Saudi Arabia.

Sources close to both America and Saudia Arabia speculate The Kingdom needs the weapons because its women are “getting uppity” and the common criminal no longer fears beheading, the standard punishment in that country.

Other sources just laughed and laughed and laughed… 1

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  1. You do know where The Kingdom is located in relationship to Syria, n’est-ce pas?

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