Our core tenet (Sex is Pure) is that no one person should have to be everything for another. We believe it’s natural for someone to feel a powerful sense of attachment to a long term partner, while experiencing romantic love for somebody else and at the same time, feeling sexually attracted to a diverse range of people.

We would like it to be all about exploring different dynamics with different people; sexual, emotional, psychological and spiritual.

Government, society, and religion have oppressed human sexuality in the past and continue to do so today. It’s time to make a radical change and give people back the freedom to enjoy a regular and diverse sex life. We are certain that gender, the type of sexual activity, or the number of participants in sexual relations should not be externally regulated.

Some people are looking for just one partner, while others want to explore and enjoy. It’s your choice, and Pure helps you act on it!

So…yeah; want sex? And just sex? There’s (now) an app for that. Sex is Pure. 1

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  1. That strikes us as the first really good use of a smartphone.

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