Pastors and Sexting: The New Black?

Now, 41 Action News has spoken exclusively with a woman (‘Nicole’) who is convinced the taxpayer money was used to help keep a sexting scandal out of the public spotlight. And she’s shared her story with the


The woman, still unidentified (‘Nicole’), had asked him for $60,000 to keep quiet, he (Brooks) said. But rather than pay it, he’d (Brooks) gone to the FBI.Kansas City Star online

WNBTv - Good TV!

Hmmm…one of these thing is not like the other.

Later today WNBTv also intends to contact the F.B.I., mostly to understand why the agency has yet to ask the C.I.A. for extraordinary rendition in the case. 1

Also? Here’s hoping Mayor James removes his nose from the local devopment community’s backside long enough to do the right thing and publicly calls for Brooks immediate resignation. It is blindingly obvious Michael Brooks has no business representing Kansas City. 2 3

WNBTv - Good TV!

Show 3 footnotes

  1. Thor knows greater Kansas City wouldn’t miss Brooks. As for the other three? We had no idea they existed before this week; torture their asses off for all we care.
  2. Whether the Zion Grove Baptist Church wishes to retain Brooks in his current position is another and — as yet — private matter.
  3. There is a new online petition to force Brooks to resign. As of just this instant it has 14 signatures; my favorite is Ms. Jelena Skipina, of Bosnia And Herzegovina. Welcome to the big time, KC!

2 Replies to “Pastors and Sexting: The New Black?”

  1. people of Bosnia and Herzegovina want their say in this matter. also didn’t you elect mayor James specifically to fellate the developers and construction industry, since his predecessor didn’t do it as much and, therefore, was disliked?

  2. well, good on the peoples of Bosnia and Herzegovina! democracy wherever, ya know?

    also, i voted for Funk the first time and then again in the latest primary, this despite the fact he was a political tyro and embarrassingly pussy-whipped to boot. i did this specifically because he wouldn’t kiss the rings of the developers and heavies. sad, actually. except for his wife’s meddling he might have done a lot of good.

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