Pastor Michael Brooks Dick Watch: Day 6

Michael Brooks Praying
(Edited) Image found @ Occupy KC Journal Blog
Copyright 2013 – Jessica Logsdon

Here on Day 6 of Pastor Michael Brooks Dick Watch are the relevant links –

Something called 234Pulse posts the basic story of Pastor Michael Brooks Dick.

Your Black World posts a recap overnight, to include a pic of Brooks that just creams screams ‘Guilty!’ Favorite comment (from Dawn): “Look women and men of God, it is clear that we are all human and make mistakes, but this kind of thng (sic) turns people away from the church. Come one! Repent, the Kingdom of God is at hand…Don’t you want to live?” Pastor Brooks’ dick IS living, Dawn!

The Legal Examiner joins the Innernetz age with the cumbersomely titled post Sexting and Hookup Culture Pervasive Among Young and Old, wherein author Brett Emison compares Michael Brooks’ dick to San Diego Mayor Bob Filner’s clutching hands.

Black Media Scoop piles on with the aptly titled Married Minister Caught Sexting…When They Gon’ Learn! Favorite comment (Steve): “This preacher might be on drugs he got that bottom lip hanging down and turned up like Bobby Brown. The preacher got the Bobby Brown mouth. LOL

Finally, my favorite link aggregator, Interceder.

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2 thoughts on “Pastor Michael Brooks Dick Watch: Day 6”

    1. Naw, Samatha, this creep is the kind that has no real courage, no real morals. he just wants to tell people what to do. By stepping down from both the city council and his church he’d be forced to acknowledge he actually did something, probably SEVERAL somethings, wrong.

      He doesn’t have the guts for that.

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