Pastor Michael Brooks\ Dick Watch: Day 3

  • The Kansas City Star attempts — and fails — to pen an Editorial regarding Pastor Brooks’ dick; instead publishes weak recapitulation of facts. To their credit, however, they do turn on comments.
  • KSHB keeps rolling along, detailing in their latest piece the fact that the FBI showed up at ‘Nicole’s’ house two months ago to pick up copies of the “tongue and dick” photos. 1
  • The story gets picked up on the other side of The Pond: the Daily Mail gets involved. 2
  • KCTV plays up the fact that the FBI has investigated portions of this sordid comedy and notes “the case remains open.”
  • The Columbus, Indianna, The Republic prints the AP version of the story: no comments as yet. The Tribune also runs the AP version.
  • And finally KCPTv’s Nick Haines elicits only the mildest comments about Brooks’ dick on this week’s WIR.

WNBTv - Good TV!

Show 2 footnotes

  1. That alone would be enough to make many a strong man cry “Mamma!” and scamper back home: the central documents in an FBI on you are candid photos of a couple of your fleshy organs.
  2. Fun comment by Andea69: “What is wrong with those Americans? Your politicians seem like turgid cartoon characters, and whats worrying is, the likes of Putin, make your leader look like a clown. People just dont look to Amerika as the leader of the free world. So very sad.”

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