Pastor Michael Brooks Dick Watch: Day 12

As we stalk creep sidle up on Week 3 of WNBTv‘s Pastor Michael Brooks Dick Watch, we’ll give the first word to The Church Going Ladies Working in the Cafeteria here at 1300 Summit Street:

He did what? Oh no, uh uh, he did not! Well they gots to get rid of him! I don’t care who that nigger thinks he is, he showin’ his junk around he’s got to go! 1

Pastor Michael Brooks Dick Watch: Day 12 links –

Pastor Michael Brooks Dick’s Twitter account is strangely quiet…

Councilman Michael Brooks’ Dick’s Twitter account is still gape-jawed at seeing Derek Jeter…

Alonzo Washington, who (as far as is known right this second) had nothing to do with Pastor Michael Brooks’ Dick, is critiquing the latest MTV Awards 2 while Brooks Rogue Penis has gone limp.

In related news, Anthony Weiner is still a dick.

In related and wildly hysterical news, San Diego Mayor Bob “Hi, Are Those Breasts?” Filner’s putative replacement, Repulican Carl DeMaio, apparently keeps pounding his dick in public. Has Pastor Michael Brooks’s Dick been to San Diego lately?

Mayor James Twitter account, seemingly authored by The Borg, has never faced up to Pastor Michael Brooks’ Dick. As far as we know…

Proving it’s a multi-tooled unit, Pastor Michael Brooks’ Dick infects Seattle Seahawks Michael Brooks tweet and news page.

Also, WNBTv is curious as to ‘Nicole’s’ age: is she perhaps 18 or under?

If so, under Missouri law Pastor/Councilman Michael Brooks’ Dick may be guilty of a class A misdemeanor, conviction of which may result in up to 1 year in jail for a first offense.

Assuming, of course, this is Pastor-Councilman Michael Brooks’ Dick’s first offense… 3

WNBTv - Good TV!

Show 3 footnotes

  1. There is no official word form the FBI as to the progress (or lack thereof) of their investigation into Michael Brooks’ Dick and The $15K.
  2. And while we’re here? Miley Cyrus needs an intervention, badly. Someone — preferably a person who loves and cares for her like…we dunno, maybe her father? — needs to sit the young lady down and explain that while she may have a decent singing voice (meh), she still physically embodies white America’s somewhat tomboyish and stick-figure-thin younger sister, her gandma’s nude stretch panties be damned. This regardless of how badly she wants to sell records be black. Also…while you’re STANDING ON MY GODDAMNED LAWN?!? Is it now a law that EVERY new pop song must include the ‘lyrics’ “…hands in the air like we don’t care”? Seriously? Man, that’s soooooooooooo black!
  3. Doubtful, highly doubtful.

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