Live From The Front

What is Google Glass good for, beyond showing off at technology conferences? Google’s augmented eyewear has plenty of sceptics, but here’s one scenario:

“When there’s a wall of police firing plastic bullets at you, and you’re running through a wall of tear-gas, having your hands free to cover your face, while saying ‘OK Glass, record a video’, makes that recording process a lot €¦ easier,” says Tim Pool.

Pool has been using Glass for his livestreaming coverage of recent protests in Istanbul, Cairo and Brazil for Vice in 2013, but he’s been doing what he calls “mobile first-person” journalism since 2011, and the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York.

His livestreams attracted more than 750,000 unique viewers in a single day at the height of those protests, when police were clearing people out of their Occupy camp and trying to keep professional journalists away.

Now he’s finding audiences for his livestreams and videos through Vice’s online network.


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