As WNBTv foretold earlier this week, the KCPS did not regain accreditation, provisional or otherwise.

That did not, however, stop the Public Information Office of the KCPS from e-mailing (under Dr. Green’s signature) the following early morning missive:

Today is a proud day in the Kansas City Public Schools

We are pleased to announce that our students have earned 84 APR points during the state’s recent achievement measure cycle.

That total exceeds the total needed to qualify for provisional accreditation. KCPS is indeed marching forward to ensuring all students are college, career and workforce ready.

Together, we celebrate that achievement because it was hard-earned and involved overcoming many challenges. Our students, employee team, families and community worked in an intentional, systemic and sustainable way to increase student achievement, and the results were apparent in our students’ performance. We didn’t crumble under the pressure of expectations; we chose to exceed them.

Still, we know it’s not enough.

The only outcome that matters is increased student achievement. To get there we need to reach beyond gaining full accreditation to the unlimited possibilities that occur when we remove the limits we place on children. Those are lofty yet attainable goals. Our journey to that end continues on Monday, when classes resume and we refocus and redouble our efforts. Success breeds success, and we are ready, willing and able to set the new standard for education in Missouri.

Again, thank you for supporting our students and efforts to raise achievement. Yes, we have a long road to travel to meet our goal, but KCPS will arrive at that destination. And this community will ensure we do it, together.

See you on Monday.

R. Stephen Green, Ed.D

The email came complete with a graphic comparing the district’s progress for the last 2 years:

KCPS 2012/2013 MAP test comparison

At first blush the graph depicts a remarkable turnaround in the school district – from nearly no students achieving academic proficiency last year to just under fifty percent of them this year? That is an accomplishment.

But then you look closer and the figures don’t add up:

If less than half your students are academically proficient, how can three quarters of them be “college and career ready”? How can three quarters of them ‘graduate’? 1

We expect it has something to do with the “new” math, which, if the Asta’s course books are an accurate indication, is firmly in the post-modernist camp. Or the cubist camp…we always mix those up. Either way the numbers here appear to be presented in a Daliesque manner.

Maybe that’s too harsh. Let us instead say the numbers appear to have been “massaged.”

Regardless, while the stats hopefully signal a long term turn around in the KCPS fortunes, they don’t do much to assuage the present fears of either outlying districts — who may now have to accept N number of fleeing KCPS scholars 2 — or Académie Lafayette parents worried their board is intent on partnering with KCPS.

As Margo famously warned: “Fasten your seat belts. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride!””

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Show 2 footnotes

  1. Though perhaps the ‘career’ part makes sense: there is not a fast food outlet, nor very many convenience stores, that have cash registers with anything but pictures of products on buttons where actual dollar and cent amounts used to be. These are augmented by hand-held scanners as a last resort. Math? We doan need no stinkin’ math…
  2. Or file costly — and undoubtedly losing — lawsuits.

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