Forced Decryption Redux

Some little while back we noted the Feds were seeking to force a putatvie pedophile to “voluntarily” decrypt his hard drive so they could find enough evidence to convict him. 1 An appellate court released him finding the decryption order breached the Fifth Amendment right against being compelled to testify against oneself.

That did not deter the Federal prosecutors. They stayed after their man, hoping to find a court to compell the suspect to either decrypt the hard drives or offer up the password.

However the FBI rendered that path moot this week when they finally broke through the decryption.

The FBI SAIC states in court documents that seven more drives await decryption. It remains unclear whether the judge presiding over the case will order Feldman to decrypt them.

So, while further assault on the 5th Amendment is held –for the moment– in abeyance, i might be time to upgrade to SED

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  1. Yeah, I know: on the one hand…he’s a fucking kiddie perv, no punishment is too harsh. On the other hand, there’s that whole 5th Amendment thang…

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