David Marsters: Repentant Moron

“Effective immediately I am resigning from all committees and commissions,” Marsters wrote. He had served on the Ordinance Review Committee, the Budget Committee and the Charter Commission.

“I deeply regret what I posted and do apologize for my actions.”

David Marsters’ apology, via email to Sabattus Town Manager Andrew Gilmore, in advance of a Board of Selectmen ’emergency’ meeting to consider dismissing Marsters from the boards on which he volunteered, as well as tar and feathering him, then riding him out of town on a rail. 1

Gilmore said he accepted Marsters’ resignation on behalf of the town, effective immediately, terminating any official standing Marsters has with Sabattus government.

“I personally want to thank Mr. Marsters for sparing the town and community further spectacle by resigning voluntarily,” Gilmore said.

Gilmore had also referred to Martsers’ original post as “deplorably hateful, dangerous and exactly opposite of all this country and the town of Sabattus stands for.”

Which begs the question – since when do cities stand for something? But let’s take Gilmore at his word – what, then, does Sabuttus stand for?

The Sabattus city seal is unhelpful in that it scoffs at the once mandatory stilted Latin adage spelling out some lie about The People SHall Be Served, With Fries, instead choosing to look like the brand of a popular butter.

A city’s seal should reflect that town’s vision, what its interests are, where its future might lie.

Like Kansas City’s seal:
The Great Seal of Kansas City

But Sabattus’ seal centers itself around the stern and (possibly) noble vidage of –one presumes — Sabattus himself; what do we know about him?

To begin with the gentleman’s name was Sabattis, a chief of the Androscoggin tribe of the Abenaki nation; the name change occured for no known reason. And apparently Sabattis’ first name was Mitchell…

Enough of that.

In any event the town of Sabattus pretty much “stands for” the same as every other American town: commerce. They don’t need David Marsters impeding that by turning the town into an economic pariah.

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  1. That least was dropped; the average age of Sabattus citizenry precluded finding enough strapping young men to do more than help arsters into the bed of a pickup and driving him home.

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