David Marsters: Moron

Ah, Maine.

Land of…well, not much, really. Attitude;  a few lobsters; the other Portland.  Innumerable Stephen King novels have been set there, usually  in either Derry or Castle Rock. Also popular with the horrormeister are -Chester €™s Mill, Chamberlain, Little Tall Island, Ludlow, Haven and Jerusalem €™s Lot. Some of these locales are fictive, some not.

The one Maine town King never set in one of his books in is Sabattus. Which is a shame because  the town has its own horror-show going on in the form of a candidate for town selectman.

Meet David Marsters: Moron!

David “Yep, I’m a moron!” Marsters posted a message on Facebook calling for President Obama to be shot and referring to him with a racial slur. 1

As a 10 year-old might easily predict,  this earned David Marsters: Moron! visits from local law enforcement officers, the Secret Service and  even the CIA.

David Marsters: Moron! has since apologized for his Facebook post, but doesn’t believe he did anything wrong.

There is no word yet as to what effect –if any — this will have on the Sabattus selectmen race. 2


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Show 2 footnotes

  1. What he  wrote was “…shoot the nigger.”
  2. Though David Marsters: Moron! may not be surprised to know that a special selectmen meeting has been called for tonight, at 7:30 pm. There is only one order of business, to remove David Narsters: Moron! from all town boards and committes. Y’all drop by if you get the chance; it ought to be a hoot.

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