Anthony Weiner: Wanker

Anthony Weiner is a major asshole. He’s also dead in the water.

He must know, somewhere deep down in the tiny speck that passes for his conscience, he’s dead in the water but –for whatever reason 1— feels obligated to pretend he’s still a viable candidate for NYC mayor.

Yet he’s such a jackass he can’t even pull that off, confused as he has that junior high school arrogance is actually political inevitability. 2 It’s pathetic. And somehow soooo large city narcissistic; thank goodness out here in flyover country we’re immune to said behavior.

Or…you know, not.

Imagine our distress last night after perusing a number of emails 3 claiming that a Kansas City councilman recently pic-tweeted his junk around. While it remains to be seen whether this is a malicious smear or the truth (no date/time-stamped screenshots were attached to the emails), the simple existence of the emails is disappointing.

Kansas City truly doesn’t need to be any more Weiner-like.

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Show 3 footnotes

  1. I suspect Huma threatened to divorce him into penury if he dropped out of the race. Why? To get him out of the house (so she and her lawyers can build their case to divorce him into penury.)
  2. Speaking of junior high school: say “Huma Weiner” three times very fast.
  3. All posted using one-time sock-monkey accounts; FINGER and other addy tracking commands confirmed the accounts –via Hide My Ass– had already been deleted.

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