Certain things are beyond us.

Anthony Weiner, for example. We are in awe of the man’s fearless exhibitionism yet are more than beweildered by his massive and totally self destructive (political) cojones.Seriously, not only is the guy still sexting, he’s sexting and running for New York’s mayoral office at the same time. PLUS he gets his wife (who is considered quite a ‘get’ in those particular circles, though…frankly? She looks cold, hard and bony to us.) to stand up with him in public and lie her ass off about how she still believes in him.

Unbelieveable, right? What realistic chance does Tony have at taking that office? None. And before the last sagging balloon deflates in whatever shoddy hotel ballroom from which Weiner finally admits defeat, ol’ Huma will have flown –Princess Class — to Saudi Arabia, from which remove she may or may not answer Secretary of State Kerry’s queries about her ‘special government employee’ status while consulting for Teneo. 1

Also? Kate Middleton (or…as her close friends call her: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge): don’t understand her at all. She’s the British version of our Stepford Wives, right? Seriously, who looks that freaking good right after giving birth, that’s what Nora went on animatedly at some length last night about asked. Does the woman have her own personal beauty consultant with her 24/7 Nora screamed ?

Mr. T? Never understood that cat. Or Huggy, come to that.

Arming Syrian rebels? WTF, Mr. President?!

Sure, we imagine you’re thinking that we’ll just add a few dozen SOG guys (or gals, if any of the new ‘cruits are up to speed yet.) to “train” the rebels on some covert ops and then bail outta there, right? What could go wrong? In fact, we’d be willing to bet the 1 million+ Iraq refugees who fled to Syria this past decade are totally jacked about the U.S. arming another war for them to try and live through! Whee doggies!

Because, of course,  our intentions are purely humanitarian.

And look at how well that worked in Afghanistan!. Or Iraq. Or (neversaythisaloudthreetimesinarow) VIet Nam (Viet Nam Viet Nam!!!!)

Escalation can’t happen here, huh?

Worse comes to worse we’ll just send in a few more ‘advisors’ and maybe enforce a no-fly zone and the Syria mess will trundle onward deep in the backpages of newspapers and quarterlies you don’t never read anyhow. And it won’t be part of America’s “official” foreign policy, ’cause we ain’t got one.

Not one you have clearance to know about any way.

By 2016 Syria will be a full-blown war, one where we suddenly have boots on the ground in the mid six figures. The new president will be stuck with another treasury-draining decade long war.

And for what?

See, that’s what gets us: for what?

What does Ameica gain by egging on a war in Syria?

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  1. Though, seriously? Just get Hillary in a back room somewhere and beat the truth out of her; if it’s just a girlfriend thing, fine; ill advised, but fine. If it’s a little more rancid…say she got the Teneo gig through Bill’s connections with the firm, fess it up, apologise and move onward…but keep Huma out of all governmental affairs, okay?

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  1. what is that German word I can’t spell but describes what I am feeling right now when I recall I how we argued that Obama is a horrible candidate and you argued otherwise. I was right.

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