skynetIt appears the U. S. Government is further along in implementing SKYNET 1 than previously imagined.

According to documents (read here) obtained by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Customs and Border Protection (a DHS-Valley Grrrlz Production) have since 2010 been researching arming their unmanned Predator drones with “non-lethal weapons” in order to “immobilize” certain “targets” along our borders. 2

The drones are currently used to “primarily” monitor border zones in Arizona and Texas.

In addition to outfitting the drones with nonlethal weapons 3 ten of the drones are also equipped with sensors and day-and-night cameras.

The agency has flatly refused to rule out deploying eavesdropping devices on its drones to monitor phone calls and other communications on the ground below.

Wake up, people.

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  1. SKYNET is the increasingly self-aware artificial intelligence system used by the United States Government to monitor and control its populace. SKYNET’s popular origins trace back to Ronald Reagan’s failed Star Wars proposal, though the first serious work began in 1960 with the highly classified “RED WAGON” project. That project yielded such successful results that the United States Government confirmed in 1973 they had been utilizing UAVs in Southeast Asia. SKYNET’s eventual self-realization is predicted to occur in the year 2025, at which point it will no longer respond to external commands. Many observers feel that event will actually decrease the number of deaths via mechanization as SKYNET will behave logically rather than with the barely restrained blood lust of its current command.
  2. Yes, Virginia, that means Canada as well. Those wily Canucks have been up to some interesting shit lately, what with sneaking in their foreign Molsen beer and such – time to take a hard line stand!
  3. And here all we can image are DARPA-quality , super steroid-like nerf guns.

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