Google Glass Journalism

“Tonight, I was testing out the extended video recording option with Google Glass on the Boardwalk of Wildwood, New Jersey. I walked right into the tail end of a fight happening on Jersey Shore boardwalk and filmed the first arrest through the lens of my Google Glass.” 1

Chris Barrett

“More notable than the video itself is the ease at which it was captured without the knowledge of those in the middle of the melee.”

“His (Barrett’s) footage foreshadows the rapidly approaching future where everything can be filmed serendipitously by folks wearing devices like Google Glass without the knowledge of the parties involved.” 2

Christophe Gevrey

Show 2 footnotes

  1. So…when will Goggle blur all the non-participant faces like in Street View? Because this is instantaneous – straight to the cloud.
  2. Tall, calm folk  will soon have  a serious future as news “camera-people”: Barrett’s head  jerking around like one of those Edsel rear-window nodding-dog heads  cranked out  on mini-whites was proff positive he should keep his day job.

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