George Zimmerman

A good portion the US population thinks he’s some sort of hero. An equally rabid faction of America’s populace would love to pillory if not hang him. So it’s not like George Zimmerman doesn’t understand he would be wise to keep his head down through at least the next millennium.

Instead the cynical, media-manipulating genius goes out and assists a family out of their overturned and blazing SUV (said fire he snuffed with a fire extinguisher; what’s with this guy? He carries a handgun AND a fire extinguisher around with him? Next we’ll learn he also has an AED –with laminated certificate–in his fanny pack.)

We understand that Geraldo has scheduled an expose 1 showing that George recently moved right next to  I-4 and Route 46 just so he could save a family. It didn’t necessarily have to be Dana and Mark Gerstle and their two children…any family would have sufficed. Though, honestly? A black family, preferably with a black boy in the car, would have played better, sources close to  Geraldo state.

Too bad the SUV couldn’t have been either black or white – blue is so wishy washy.

What’s next: George assists a woman of color giving birth in the backseat of a taxi? 2

Show 2 footnotes

  1. Assuming he can find some clothes by then. While apparently fit as a fiddle, Geraldo’s mind has dissipated to the point where he believes America is interested in his bare body. And while we don’t have any interest, per se, in his 70 year old corpus, we should mention it’s not as in-your-face incongruous as that doctor who’s overdoes on his own testosterone supplements, what’s this name, what’s his name…right: Jeffery Life! Now that’s one buff oldster! Which I suspect still isn’t helping him with the female 20 and 30 somethings, what with them having an innate feel for i.) sperm motility and, ii.) bottom line bank statements. Still, if we had several tens of thousands to spare we might invest some in Dr. Life’s elixir…
  2. Backseat of a Taxi would make a GREAT rock band name. Or, ya know, a good name for the royal baby; not too pretentious, not to snobby…

4 Replies to “George Zimmerman”

  1. Zimmerman was just the first proxy in the coming white-black wars that blacks started the last couple of years. Kansas City will get what we’ve had in Philly for a while now – just wait.

  2. There seems to be a segment of the country looking to start an overt race war, perhaps as an excuse to repudiate certain laws passed back in a more optimistic era. I don’t believe either the war of the revocation of those laws will come to pass, but I do believe we will see an escalation of both race violence and rethoric before this is over.

  3. It’s so sad that GZ is starving for attention. This is just ridiculous. Just out of the blue like Superman!!!! Next he’ll be like Patrick Swayze (Sam) in the movie Ghost. Mr & Mrs. Gerstle know they need to stop trying to get their 15 min, and I believe the Deputy took Mr. Gerstle word in saying he was Rescued by George, & if he had the nerve to be in the area less than 1 mile from the killing,…then he is a Sick Person. If he is afraid, fearful for his Life he wouldn’t be in the area. MR. & MRS GERSTLE EITHER KNOWS GEORGE OR THEY ARE STRONG SUPPORTERS & SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH THIS STORY. THEY ALSO LIVE NOT TOO FAR FROM SANFORD IN PORT ORANGE, FL….like I say More to the Story!!! Superman story!!!

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