George Zimmerman

George Zimmerman trial: Not guilty in shooting death of Trayvon Martin

 SANFORD, Florida — A Florida jury acquitted George Zimmerman on Saturday for the shooting death of unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin, setting free a man who had become a polarizing figure in the national debate over racial profiling and self-defense laws.
The panel of six women deliberated more than 16 hours over two days until nearly 10 p.m. on Saturday (0200 GMT Sunday) before delivering the verdict, which drew immediate condemnation from some civil rights groups…

The surprise here is that anyone was surprised by the verdict. Remember, though he was surely convicted of it, Zimmerman was not charged with enslaving an entire race,

George Zimmerman was charged with murder. Or second degree murder. Or…wait a minute, manslaughter…it was hard to tell there at the end. Regardless a Florida jury found him innocent of all charges.

This upset a number of people who feel that a ‘white’ man just got a pass on the cold-blooded killing of a black man. 1 There have been calls for judicial reform,  public demonstrations and the ‘threat’ of riots. The Justice Department is rumored to be considering launching a civil rights investigation. 2

It would seem to us that efforts to  tighten  Florida’s stand your ground law would be a better use of resources. Or, you know, repealing the damned thing.

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  1. ZImmerman and president Obama are both ‘white’ in exactly the same fashion -only  one of their parents were of a distinctly seperarate ehtnicity: Obama’s father was Kenyan while ZImmerman’s mother was Peruvian.
  2. That effort would seem as problematic as the intial trial given a.) Zimmerman was cleared of all wrong-doing and b) is an ehtnic minority himself. As we mentioned a year ago, there just doen’t appear to be any there there.

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