Doghouse Riley

Doghouse Riley

Doghouse’s Bats Left Throws Right was just shuttered. 1 There was no warning; as sometimes happens to men of a certain age everything just quit.

A couple of summers ago I forced down several indifferent cups of coffee just to enjoy the pleasure of Doghouse’s rants. 2 It was one of those multilevel ‘it’s a small world after all’ occurrences; Chicago visits out of the blue; free time on a Thursday afternoon; “Oh, I know – Let’s go get coffee! There’s this wonderful place…”; tables placed reasonably close enough to eavesdrop without appearing to eavesdrop; the chance phrase “Rick Perry is just another Jesus based husckster…” 3

The next couple of hours went quickly. It’s not so much that we agreed on every point (fat chance) but that neither of us needed remedial primers for the topics at hand.

He admitted to writing Bats Left after I mentioned that I foisted this place off on the Innernetz. 4 So we talked about why we did that thing we do. Nothing earth-shattering. We didn’t solve any of the world’s problems that afternoon, in fact agreed that was a pointless exercise. Better to splatter the more odious ‘tards and con-men with some truth and move on to the next thing… He was, I think, an honest man. It was in any event a thoroughly enjoyable conversation.

And that was that. 5

Goodbye, Doghouse. Give ’em hell when you get there.

WNBTv - Good TV!

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  1. Though — for now, at least — merely metaphorically. His home base was Blogspot and as such I believe the site will remain up as long as the earth circles the sun. Or, you know, until he (posthumously) pisses Google off.
  2. For those of you who care about such things we were in a cafe named Intelligentsia in the Loop area. The friends who brought me there raved about it, I assume because it held a certain intimate emotional resonance for them. The coffee left me cold.
  3. At least, that’s my memory of what Doghouse said – “Jesus based husckster.” It could have easily been something else reasonably close – “Jesus lovin’…”, Jesus fuckin’…, “Jesus born…” Memory is funny that way. Regardless, the words ‘Rick Perry’ were loud and clear, then and now, being as they were the trigger for my subsequent intrusion into the conversation.
  4. No, he had not then read WNBTv.
  5. Well, almost. We corresponded afterward in a random fashion. He started it by emailing me that he had read WNBTv and urged me to focus more on Kansas City. “Absolutely no one is doing that,” he insisted. I responded that KC politics normally bored me. And like that. The last email I received from him was back in April and had to do with the explosion down in West, Texas – he was livid about that investigation. Or, rather, the lack of an investigation.

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