Climate of Fear

…one of the things that has been most disturbing over the past three to four years has been this climate of fear that has emerged in exactly the circles that are supposed to challenge the government. It has emerged among investigative journalists, including the ones at the most protected outlets like The New York Times and others. The real investigative journalists who are at these outlets who do real reporting are petrified of the US government now. Their sources are beyond petrified. The investigative journalist Jane Mayer, who did so much excellent work uncovering the torture regime in the Bush years, has said that the Obama war on whistleblowing and journalism that Jeremy described, investigative journalism in the United States to a €œstandstill. €

If you talk to anybody in journalism or in the government, they are petrified of even moving. It has been impossible to get anyone inside the government to call us back with regard to any story because people are so scared that if anything on their phone record shows that they €™ve called more or called The Guardian they will be held in extreme suspicion as leakers.


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