BBQ Kittens at KSMO-TV!


We’re guessing the KSMO-TV anchors broadened their culinary tastes this past 4th of July, what with the last decent kitten recipe to come along occurring nearly 3 years ago. 1 If well presented on an off white Chinet plate –the meat thinly sliced & dribbled with sauce, a small pile of dill pickles, some potato salad and baked beans — most guests would easily overlook that subtle hint of sarcastic domesticity that flavors feline meat. Add beer into the mix (we’re talking at a TV station, right? hoo boy…add a lot of beer and liquor!) and one could come away believeing they had just had the most flavorful BBQ’d chicken in their life.

They’re animals at KSMO-TV, we tell you, just animals! 2 3

(Thanks for the pic, Anne.)

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  1. Kung Pao Kitten: skin your freshly killed kitten; cleave into chunks; marinate the feline in a (table quality) white wine, soy sauce, and oil for 3 hours; lightly saute until kitty is browned. Deglaze the pan with a hearty sherry; add water chestnuts and peanuts, serve over rice. Et voila !.
  2. Though I’d be interested in knowing what sort of kitten rub they used to knock down a feline’s natural gaminess.
  3. Also? Anyone heard if there’s a recent chyron operator position come open at KSMO-TV?

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