Bachmann: Congress Needs To \’Spank The President\’

The more I listen to Bachmann the more I realize I rarely have little idea of what she’s saying.

Which still keeps me ahead of her as it’s obvious she has no clue as to what she’s saying at any given moment. However I know what Bachmann is not saying: “Javier Sanchez.” No, she’s not actually uttering the name “Javier Sanchez.” In fact, if she believed for a moment that anyone might even think  “Javier Sanchez”, she might be more than willing to talk frankly about her early childhood alien abduction (probe) experiences… 1

Which were undoubtedly less painful than the campaign funds probe she’s experiencing even now.

Show 1 footnote

  1. Actual excerpt of Bachmann’s first hand account (forwarded to us by an individual only known as…ANONYMOUS: “…and the next thing I know I am in a clean white room — did I mention it was clean? As in really REALLY clean? I truly appreciate a clean room –lying on my back. Then my legs are lifted into a set of stirrups…but I don’t see Marcus around…and shouldn’t HIS legs be in the stirrups? I realize I’m naked and then think, ‘No – that can’t be Marcus…'” The story get’s a whole lot better from there. I recommend you buy the (inevitable) book. No, really!

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