Thought Control

Yesterday we casually dismissed pizza delivery driver jobs as possibilities for KCPS scholars, what with Domino’s plan to deliver their crap product by drones within the next year or two.

Turns out we might have been in error.

Scientists  recently manged to harness pure thought to guide a remote-control helicopter through an obstacle course. 1

As published in the Journal of Neural Engineering, authors Karl LaFleur et al describe how -using a non-invasive “cap” to capture brain electrical activity – test subjects were able to capture and recognise  via an electroencephalogram specific thoughts used to fly a quadcopter.

This is not that unusual; like systems have been in (limited) use for steering motorized wheelchairs for nearly a decade. And of course thought derived music has also been successfully demonstrated.

The future possible uses for a non-invasive thought capturing system  seem literally without limit. 2

Further reading can be found here.

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  1. Which means that anyone who can control their own mind…oh…wait, never mind.
  2. Both, it should be noted, for good and e-vil.

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