Suffer The Little Kitties

A Vista Lake Way resident contacted the North Ridgeville Police Department June 10 to complain that a family of cats made a home in a wood pile on the property. Within 20 minutes of the complaint, Humane Officer Barry Accorti arrived at the home, police said.

The North Ridgeville Police Department said that Accorti euthanized the kittens.

Ohio SPCA Director Teresa Landon, who took a call from the woman who lives in the home, said the woman was distressed when Accorti killed five kittens in front of her while her children were inside the home. She said the youngsters began screaming and crying.

€œHe informed her that shelters were full and that these cats would be going to kitty heaven, € Landon said of Accorti. €œShe assumed he would be trapping them or something and taking them to a shelter and they would be humanely euthanized if they were not adopted.

€œInstead, he went to his truck and got a gun, which she thought was a tranquilizer gun, and walked around to the back of the house and approximately 15 feet from her back door shot and killed the 8- to 10-week-old kittens . . .

€œShe was very distraught when this happened. He started shooting them right in front of her. Her children were upstairs in view of the windows. They started screaming and crying because they heard the gunshots. They started screaming, €˜Mommy, he €™s killing the kittens, €™ € Landon said.


Honestly, we’ve got nothing here. Not a damned thing.

The North Ridgeville PD Facebook page is here in case you have something.

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    1. Now there’s a strategy the GOP has yet to attempt in their never ending efforts to deny women power over their own bodies: audience participation.

      You need to immediately get with your local GOP rep and have them introduce new Kansas legislation that mandates all abortion providers to have several small children witness each and every procedure. Sheer genius, man!

      Are you sure you’re not a political operative?

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