Sequestration: Day 114

You were just thinking to yourself, “Sequester schmquester”, right?

After all, it sure looks like the Obama administration was just blowing smoke; the world hasn’t ended and no one you know is out of work. Hell, let’s do this again and save even more money!

But behind the scenes…

The Air Force has grounded 13 fighter squadrons.

The Army canceled all but one Combat Training Center rotations scheduled for brigades this fiscal year. And The Navy reports two-thirds of its non-deployed ships and aviation squadrons won €™t meet readiness targets by the end of this fiscal year (September 30th.)

Closer to home the National Institutes of Health (NIH), due to $1.7 billion in cuts, just put on hold or outright canceled 700 research awards (cancer and other diseases will cure themselves, amiright?) Labor states 1.5 million claimants for emergency unemployment compensation have already been affected and that number is sure to rise. 1 The Education Department has cut $600 million from special education funding and $700 million from assistance to low-income school districts.

$40 million is being “trimmed” from the senior meal programs.

And the majority of scheduled furloughs have yet to hit. When they do2

Meanwhile the ReThugs are screwing with the upcoming budget, seeking to move monies earmarked for domestic programs over to Defense. Or just eliminating them altogether.

Necessary maintenance work on the country’s infrastructure has ground to a halt, this despite a report by the American Society of Civil Engineers that rates our infrastructure at a D-plus. Seriously, we have a major bridges-collapsing-into-rivers issue, outdated energy grid and Thor knows the roads and sewer systems could use a ‘touch up’. So we cut THAT budget?

We say ‘tornado season’, the ReThugs say ‘slash NOAA’s budget’?

Wait. It will get better, we promise.

Show 2 footnotes

  1. That may seem remote or even “okay” as sure if those people really ‘wanted’ to work, they could find work, huh? Not so much with that.
  2. The impact? Imagine your paycheck cut by 20% starting July 1st through September 30th. You do the math.

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