ReThug Life

Jesus H. Fucking Christ on a crutch. Is there NOTHING the asshole ReThugs will not attempt?

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) has proposed legislation that would require federal agencies to fire employees who refuse to answer questions from Congress. 1 In addition the bill would allow congressional panels to terminate employment €œif three-fourths of the congressional body that heard the testimony finds that a federal worker willfully or knowingly gave false testimony during a hearing. €

Brooks was quoted as saying €œThis legislation is constitutional and necessary to enable Congress to provide proper oversight for the American people.” 2 3

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  1. Although all other Americans would continue to enjoy their rights as specified in the Fifth Amendment…for now.
  2. Because there has been such a HUGE problem with this over the last 2 centuries…not.
  3. And, not for nuthin’? But Brooks has some balls; Congress gave up on oversight of the country decades ago. NOW he wants to start paying attention? All because someone at the  IRS stood on her legal rights? It is to laugh…

6 thoughts on “ReThug Life”

  1. But a jobs bill? A true jobs bill so we could–oh, I don’t know, FIX OUR INFRASTRUCTURE?

    A bridge collapses last year in Minneapolis and then this year in Washington state and God knows we need I-70 improved, updated and expanded, dangerous as the bloody thing is but do you think we’d get a jobs bill from the Rethugs?

    Oh, hell, no.

    They’d rather chase imaginary scandals at the IRS and abortions and this kind of thing, above.

    Freakin’ pukes.

  2. From the link: “1% chance of being enacted.”

    Maybe this is the wrong thing to be worried about. Maybe, instead of freaking the hell out over this fringe “reThug” you should be freaking the hell out over the Thug In Chief who is deporting more illegal immigrants faster than any president before him, or presiding over persecution of whistle blowers, or building the most invasive spying program since €¦ well, I don’t want to violate Godwin’s Law

    1. crap! why didn’t I think of that; I could have posted on drones, or the NSA and the perverseness of America’s ever expanding surveillance state or…

      wait a minute. I ALREADY write on that stuff. on a near daily basis. sheesh.

      and as for “deporting…illegal immigrants”? dude, part of the president’s oath states “…swear to uphold the law…”. and, not for nuthin’ illegal aliens are in the country illegally. as in they broke the law. part of the penalty for breaking that particular law is deportation. so, no, I’m not gonna rag on the guy for that.

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