Sequester Day 67

Hagel will announce later today that DOD will furlough civilian employees for 11 days this year.

At a “town hall” meeting at the Pentagon later today, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel will announce that after trying to find a way to eliminate furloughs altogether, he will have to force defense civilians on unpaid leave for 11 days. But he will give the services the option of exempting some employees from the furloughs as needed. That will be welcome news for the Navy, which had complained that it was having to force shipyard workers on unpaid leave even though the service could save the money in other ways. “He’s reducing the number of furlough days from 14 to 11 and tried to reduce the number even more,” a senior defense official told Situation Report, confirming an AP story that popped earlier this morning. “But after several rounds of meetings on sequestration and asking for different furlough scenarios, he decided that we really don’t have a choice but to save money for the remainder of FY13 to support military readiness, operations, and training,” the official said. “No one is happy with having to make this tough decision, especially him.”

 – FP: The Situation Report


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