Plus ça change, plus c\’est la même chose

BlackwaterYou’re thinking we’re winding down. You think we’re out of Iraq? Maybe boots and uniforms we might be, but we’re probably 30,000-plus strong contractors. You think we’re downsizing in Afghanistan? We are. Military. We’re still 100,000-strong contractors.”

Senator (D) Joe Manchin

This passed almost unnoticed in the “stir” surrounding whether President Obama is a worthy comic with impeccable timing, just has great joke writers, or some combination of the two…The Correspondents Diner – woo hoo!

Such passes for “news” these days.

In any event Sen. Manchin’s statement is worth pondering as it highlights the fact that the U.S. is not only not out of Iraq and Afghanistan, it has no intention of ever doing so. There’s lots and lots of money 1 in the permanent “peace keeping” business, regardless what Blackwater is calling itself these days.

Which puts Syria in another light, yes?

Sure, if “chemicals” can shown to have been used, we’ll put in Marines, the Army etc etc etc, but in the long run? More and more and more contractors.

It almost looks -almost, mind you – as though the current Administration (abetted by an venal Congress) is institutionalizing a bunch of ‘for profit’ conflicts initiated by another President.

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  1. And paid for Cheney’s new heart.

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