No Cure For Baldness Though

Basic evidence for epidermal H2O2/ONOO?-mediated oxidation/nitration in segmental vitiligo is supported by repigmentation of skin and eyelashes after reduction of epidermal H2O2 with topical NB-UVB-activated pseudocatalase PC-KUS…


Which is just a fancy way of saying researchers have discovered the root cause -and therefore the theoretical remediation – of gray hair. 1 2

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  1. You wusses who shave your heads because of widow’s peaks, Friar Tuck syndrome, balding crowns or just out of sheer fussiness? As you were…
  2. Also? Hydrogen peroxide: bombs, rocket fuel and gray hair. Who knew?

2 thoughts on “No Cure For Baldness Though”

    1. Platelets: they may turn out to be the answer to The Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything!

      Assuming both ‘cures’ actually happen…

      It would be..odd…at first, seeing everyone with ‘normal’ hair, but think of the benefits: NEVER having to see a Hair Club For Men TV commercial again; not having to listen to strangers compliment you on your ‘grandkids’; hundreds of millions of dollars saved per year alone just from women not needing to have their monthly hair “cut”.

      WHy, this could even mean peace in our times….

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