Mission To Mars

Looks like a fine place to live...Remember the 1-way trip to Mars?

That’s right – the start-up project that aims to start colonizing Mars by 2025. After just a month they are well on their way to garnering half a million applicants: 78,000 so far. 1

Some of the applicant videos are amazing. 2

WNBTv - Good TV!

Show 2 footnotes

  1. No, I don’t know if X.O. applied. But you would assume he did, right? He’d only be 69 by the time the ship left for Mars; he’s (serially) divorced; his only child will be 30ish then; his parents have passed; he has no life. Moreover, I bet they’ll stream porn to his sleep pod all the way to Mars if he likes….in short, there’s nothing to keep him Earth-bound. Why wouldn’t he apply?
  2. Some…not so much.

2 Replies to “Mission To Mars”

  1. All of your points are valid and well reasoned.


    I looked into this trip to Mars and apparently it is not a solo adventure. Other “people” will be going along. Humans.

    I fail to see the point in taking that much time and trouble to go all the way to Mars only to find myself still surrounded by a bunch of meatbags-filled-with-mostly-water whom I would no doubt find just as pointless and annoying as the ones I left behind.

    I think it better that I just hunker down right here, desperately clinging to my atheism and broadswords, slowly slipping into dementia until, like Thanos, I finally fall into Death’s embrace.

    Until then, ye shall continue to suffer my presence.

    You’re welcome.

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