From Here To There

“When I am speaking to students, I like to show them a still from the Oliver Stone movie Wall Street in which the masterful financier Gordon Gekko is talking on his cell phone, a Motorola DynaTac 8000X. The students always €” always €” laugh: The ridiculous thing is more than a foot long and weighs a couple of pounds. But the revelatory fact that takes a while to sink in is this: You had to be a millionaire to have one. The phone cost the equivalent of nearly $10,000, it cost about $1,000 a month to operate, and you couldn €™t text or play Angry Birds on it. When the first DynaTac showed up in a movie €” it was Sixteen Candles, a few years before Wall Street €” it was located in the front seat of a Rolls-Royce, which is where such things were found 25 or 30 years ago. By comparison, an iPhone 5 is a wonder, a commonplace miracle. My question for the students is: How is it that the cell phones in your pockets get better and cheaper every year, but your schools get more expensive and less effective? (Or, if you live in one of the better school districts, get much more expensive and stagnate?) How is it that Gordon Gekko €™s ultimate status symbol looks to our eyes as ridiculous as Molly Ringwald €™s Reagan-era wardrobe and asymmetrical hairdos? That didn €™t just happen.”


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2 thoughts on “From Here To There”

  1. From the linked article:

    We €™d all be a lot worse off if corporations such as U.S. Steel lived forever (which is one more reason not to engage in bailouts).

    That’s what I’ve been sayin’!

    1. It’s a mystery why no one listens to you; have you talked to your SuperModel Wife about it? Perhaps it’s not the message so much, but how you’re saying it.

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