On to Mars!

Mars One is a not-for-profit organization that will take humanity to Mars in 2023, to establish the foundation of a permanent settlement from which we will prosper, learn, and grow. Before the first crew lands, Mars One will have established a habitable, sustainable settlement designed to receive astronauts every two years. To accomplish this, Mars One has developed a precise, realistic plan based entirely upon existing technologies. It is both economically and logistically feasible, in motion through the integration of existing suppliers and experts in space exploration.

We invite you to participate in this journey, by sharing our vision with your friends, by supporting our effort and, perhaps, by becoming the next Mars astronaut yourself.

I’m behind this 110%.

Especially since it will spawn the most unique ‘reality’ television show ever crafted:

The application process consists of four rounds.

Round 1: All candidates must submit their application to Mars One online. The online application will consist of general information about the applicant, a motivational letter, a resume and a one minute video in which the applicant answers some given questions and explains why he or she should be among the first humans who set foot on Mars. Approved application videos will be available to be watched by everyone on the internet, if an applicant decides to make his or her application video public. At the end of round one, a team of Mars One experts will decide which applicants will pass to round two.

Round 2: Candidates for round 2 will need to get a medical statement of good health from their physician. The applicant will be invited to meet with a Mars One selection committee in his or her region. After conducting an interview with the candidates, the selection committees determines who will pass to round three.

Round 3: This round is the national selection round, which could be broadcasted on TV and internet in countries around the world. In each country, 20-40 applicants will participate in challenges that demonstrate their suitability to become one of the first humans on Mars. The audience will select one winner per country and Mars One experts will select additional participants to continue to round four…

I’ve already submitted my application.

Who would beat me out of the postion — X.O.? Not hardly; he’d be disqualified for owning a broadsword…

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