Must Be Ambidextrous

Over the last couple of days we’ve posted items concerning the best/worst jobs available, as well as a note on China’s Great Firewall.

Today we’d like to combine both things:

Job Title: Chief Pornographic Identification Officer
Work Location: Beijing
Compensation: 200,000 RMB (US$32,300) yearly
Job Description: Rapid Determination of Adult Sites

1) Must be familiar with the standard of adult content from around the world
2) Must be familiar with China’s law standards regarding adult content, familiar with documented regulations
3) Must be familiar with the standards for adult content on China’s internet and it’s service providers
4) Regardless of gender, must be college graduate from 25-35 years old
5) Must have a strong sense of responsibility and work well in a team

Just to be clear, the whole title of the position is…

Chief Pornographic Identification Officer for the League of Safety

…which sounds rather like the data guy for The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. You know –  the nerd who busts the byzantine Venetian door codes locks (from the safety of Nemo’s submersible) while Quatermain and crew are risking their lives? Sweet!

The job also comes with bennies: I mean, in addition to getting decently paid (by Chinese standards) for browsing porn all day, you get birthday presents and daily fruit with yogurt… 1


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  1. Had there been a legitimate link to a library in this item, I would have been overjoyed. Alas…

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