Harlem Shake

;Harlem Shake" PostmortemI’ve never understood these manias.

Don’t mistake me, the impulse to be liked is universal; it’s just not strong in this one.

Perhaps it is because I have never bought into the (obviously specious) notion that if only had I bought that pet rock, wore that silly band, displayed that hideous green troll on the end of my pencil I would be kinda now, kinda wow, kinda…Charlie!

Or it may be I’ve always found the promotion of these things to be obvious, cheap and insulting. Just say, NO!, that’s my motto.

Regardless I find my reactions to the ‘latest thing’ running from mildly bemused (Psy’s “Gangnam Style”) to somewhat aghast (My Little Pony) to sadly disbelieving (Republicans).

Because it’s not as if the entire innernetz has suddenly contratced  a case of the  sleepies  due to a series of yawning vids  a tween in Bangor, ME, has been posting  on YouTube every night for a year. No this is a deliberate sharing of cultural…well, inanity.

For example, I was damned sure that “Gangnam Style” was a brilliant parody of the negative impact American ‘culture’ had wreaked on South Korea (and, arguably, the rest of the world.)

More fool I.

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised – memes are everywhere. As I am fond of noting (to some folks’ exasperation), money is a meme.   A useful one. Not so much with flagpole sitting (sorry, “Shipwreck” Kelly), lolcatz or anything to do with Justin Beiber. And yet they persist.

What is it  the draw?

Is it as simple as ‘reality tv’: no one wants to think, they just want to be ‘entertained’?

WNBTv - Good TV!

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