“An aberration, a nut-job,” says the Federal Police Officer searching my briefcase.

One hopes. The revealed information seems to point that way: the use of egg timers 1, no prior warning or claims of credit afterward 2, the relative ineffectiveness of the improvised M18A1s 3, and the location of the devices themselves. 4

Regardless the motivations of the actor the end effect is still the same.

Everyone entering any Federal building the last couple of days has been subjected to a complete bag/package search – no exceptions. I’ve heard similar tales regarding state and municipal offices. Because we just don’t know.

Security at all public events/venues has been heightened and will remain so for the foreseeable future. This may be the new ‘normal’.

Because uncertainty and fear have begun to spread, the President’s words aside; it is possible that the ricin mailed to Sen. Wicker is tied in somehow. It is possible there are other events/acts planned in conjunction with the Boston slaughter. It is possible that the individual(s) responsible have a long-term agenda. We just don’t know.

But I’m holding out for a nut-job with a grudge.

Someone on the order of Kaczynski or McVey, extremists done with ‘suffering in silence’ or who broke away from a fringe organization because it wouldn’t “act”. Someone with limited resources and thus reach.

Someone we’ll catch relatively soon.

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Show 4 footnotes

  1. This probably saved lives; had the individual used a digital watch, chances are the explosions would have gone off hours earlier, when the streets would have have been jammed with people. Although the use of the circuit board –as a means of controlling the flow of the binaries?– would seem to contradict that thought. It’s a puzzler…
  2. That we –the Public– are aware of; we –the Government– don’t always share everything with the Public. In fact we –the Government– don’t always share everything with ourselves. Bureaucratic infighting between agencies is not something that was made up for novels and movies.
  3. There’s a reason the services pack claymores with C-4 and shape them to a particular dispersal pattern.
  4. Had a ‘terrorist’ planted the bombs, they would have been located closer together; the first device detonates, followed 30 seconds to a minute later by a second device in the same area. The idea being to kill/maim as many first responders (police, firemen, EMTs et cetera) as possible.

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