4DX Format

iron_man_3“Fourth dimension” effects utilized by the system include strobe lights and equipment in the ceiling that can drop bubbles down upon the audience, who will pay a $13 (1,300 yen) premium for 3D versions and $10 for 2D films, on top of the regular ticket price. Average admission price in Japan in 2012 was $12.50.

The first film to be screend in 4DX is  Iron Man 3…butcha gotta go to Japan to see it?

I may just be getting old, but I’m hard pressed to think of a useful, –much less artistic– non-military innovation in America in the last 20 years. 1

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  1. And, no – the Lego movie theater at Crown Center doesn’t count. Lego’s origins are Danish.

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  1. they had this at disneyworld and universal for years. the seat in front released smelly gas and sprayed water when someone on the screen farted or ran through a puddle. also your own seat vibrated and moved. freaked my kid the hell out when she was little.

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