Sequester: Day 7

Our eyes are bleeding numbers.

Time for the weekend. Though people didn’t start traveling home until lunch, their brains had checked out shortly after their delicious continental breakfasts.

Did we resolve anything?

Pshaw. At this point we’d all willingly be furloughed for a week just to never again hear the word ‘sequestration’.

WNBTv - Good TV!

I read where we have nabbed another Bin Laden. The brother-in-law this time.

We renditioned his ass and flew him back to the States.

Gonna nail his hide to the wall, we are. Publicly, open trial in New York with cheerleaders, peanut and beer vendors, CNN. This after 11 nearly 12 years of the Perpetual War on Terror.


We may previously mentioned there is not a theoretical Hell fierce enough for George “Am Too Smarter Than a Shrub!” Bush, but this latest bit of publicity fodder reminds me that we really didn’t need to spend over a decade hunting these jackasses down.

The morning of 9/11 George Herbert Bush met with Osama bin Ladin’s brother at the WDC Ritz Carlton.

Moreover, the next day, a day I was busy driving to Virginia Beach, VA, to see a brother-in-law before he was to ship out, driving mind you because every damned plane in this country was ostensibly grounded, Shrub’s White House cat-herded over a hundred Bin Laden family members onto a couple of planes and flew them to Saudi Arabia.

Because, you know…squirrel! 1

WNBTv - Good TV!


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  1. The previous mini-rant brought to you courtesy of the WayBack Machine, making accurate information accessible and useful than The Kansas City Star since 1996.

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