Sequester: Day 4

Over the 20+ years of my service with the Feds I have attended any number of out-of-state conferences and educational courses. And in the way that ‘perks’ have been ranked in every organization in America from the beginning of time, these jaunts are considered distinct and apart from travel for work.

For instance, I have been to Krung Thep at least 3 times in the last 4 years but workplace logic contends that pales in comparison to the 10 days I ‘spent’ 1 in Monterrey, Cali, for an IT security conference several blue moons ago. 2

In any event those days are long past; I have not ventured beyond city limits for training in over 5 years. Conference attendance has also been severely curtailed. These days on-line coursework is de rigueur.

As are Personal Development Plans.

I was checking my PDP a few moments ago and saw overnight I had been assigned new coursework:

Understanding Organizational Change
Ethics: Seeking Non-Federal Employment
Ethics: Basic post-Employment Restrictions

Mmm…yeah; I’ll jump right on those.

WNBTv - Good TV!

Show 2 footnotes

  1. If you are saying to yourself “Wait; the per diem rates paid by the Feds couldn’t possibly cover hotel rates in Monterrey”, give yourself a Cuban cigar. I actually stayed at the Santa Cruz Holiday Inn 40 miles up the road and motored every dawn down the PCH to the conference. If that sounds onerous, you simply have no idea…
  2. Meh – that’s a tough call.

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