Sequester: Day 24

Last Friday NASA issued a couple of memos stating that the space organization will be cutting back on its public education efforts.

Yea sequestration!!!

NASA, like every other Federal agency, had already cut back on employee travel and training expenses. But the memos will affect NASA’s online, multimedia and social-media public education initiatives. 1

Which is beyond stupid.

Did you know that the Curiosity team won the SXSW Ineractive Award this year? Wow – a government agency that gets the innernetz? So let’s indiscriminately slash their funding. Yeah, that makes sense…

Naturally such a nonsensical move demands an equally nonsensical response: someone started up a futile We, The People petition.

I expect pretty soon we’ll start seeing news stories about widows and orphans being tossed into the streets due to sequestration.

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  1. Doesn’t mean the normal NASA website is disappearing, nor their normal Twitter account.

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