Sequester: Day 19

The word  on The Hill is that the CR is a done deal.

Which only means the government, per se, will not shut down. The nearly 1 million civilian DoD employees who already received furlough  letters notifying them of  22 unpaid days starting next month  are probably still going to get screwed.

And in July around 10,000 meat inspectors will  trim off a day a week.  Here at Justice  -as well as the EPA, the Federal Aviation Administration, Labor, OMB,  Customs and Border Protection and the  NLRB- furlough notices have all gone out.

Remember, the Continuing Resolution funding all federal government activities is itself a longer running resolution based on FY09 budget dollars. 1 Which is another way of saying government spending – at least  in respect to  federal employees – certainly isn’t rising. Indeed, we now pay more for our health insurance; we have not seen hide nor hair of a raise in the past 3 years (with the  threat of another 3 year poised upon the president’s lips); we have not seen a COLA adjustment in 5 years. The “promised” 1/2% raise due in April now seems unlikely and would in any event be more than offset by the death of the tax holiday.

Meanwhile Asta Jr, in particular,  knocks back  milk (@ $4.50 a gallon) the way a Ford F-150 2  guzzles gas – like a raging alcoholic. The  cost of fresh produce is obscene. The price of meat has just gone up and your old lady has just…well, never mind. 3

And, yes, I am keenly aware this is a First World problem.

I still have enough food, fresh water and a roof over my head.

There are others though for whom the sequestration will be devastating. Think of the children!

The memo … warns ticket-holders that the nation €™s financial woes may affect the 135th Easter Egg role slated for April 1. (Note: this is not an April €™s Fools Day joke.)

€œFinally, by using these tickets, guests are acknowledging that this event is subject to cancellation due to funding uncertainty surrounding the Executive Office of the President and other federal agencies, € it reads. €œIf cancelled, the event will not be re-scheduled. We will notify you if there are any modifications to this event. €

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Show 3 footnotes

  1. Though a solid argument could be made that we’re really operating on the FY07 budget.
  2. A more apt comparison would be to  the early XJ6s which had such a thirst they required twin fuel tanks.
  3. What can I say?  Zappa gets in your head.

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