Sequester: Day 10

Yes, I DO wear it to fancy balls and dinner parties.
Chicks dig it.

This sequestration stuff is sneaky.

Last Friday I was done, finished, completely over with. Didn’t want to even think about sequestration, much less hear the dreaded B-word. 1

Today? Meh; too many other things to do. Will leave the self indulgent worrying ’til later in the week.

Gregory Gardner of Yuma, Arizona, is still riled up though.

That ol’ boy’s flat had enough. In fact, he thinks President Obama ought to step down, for the good of the country. That is, if Obama is half the man Tricky Dick Richard Nixon was. 2

So what has got ol’ Greg’s panties in a twist? He’s upset because Obama ‘lied‘. You know, about whose fault this whole sequestration thing is? Apparently Greg… 3Gregory, unlike the other 99% of America, doesn’t believe that sequestration is a calculated scheme by all parties involved to cut government spending in such a way that no one party or individual would bear the “blame”.

Gerald also believes that is why Tricky Dick RMN voluntarily stepped down – because he ‘lied’.

I don’t know what’s in the drinking water out in Arizona 4 but it seems to have impaired Gregory’s grasp of past and more recent history.

Hell, asking any politician to resign because they lied is akin to asking them to step down because they opened their mouth. 5

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Show 5 footnotes

  1. Budget.
  2. An interesting concept; just who might be ‘half’ the man Tricky Dick was? Personally, I would vote for Shrub. He strikes me as lessor than RMN.
  3. Oops, sorry: just got an email from Gregory, and he’s insisting that I refer to him by his full appellation. Which reminds one of those kids, the ones named Francis or Gerald who got all pissy when you called them Frank or Jerry. Hell, that’s probably half of Gregory’s problem right there…
  4. Probably not fluoride, huh?
  5. I know it’s early days yet but sequestration reminds me of the dreaded Year 2000 problem. Hopefully this, too, will fall below expectations; that would be fine with me. I sincerely doubt I’ll get a Presidential medal this time. Though that would be typical of government behavior – furlough me and then spend money on a medal to ‘reward’ me for my service.

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