Rule, Britannia!

The background is simple enough: there have been enough scandals about what the British press has done for there to be a swell of opinion in favour of some form of regulation of said press. The problem is the particular restrictions that they €™ve decided to bring in. Essentially, to be a news or current affairs publisher then you must be registered as such with some regulatory body. That this is a despicable idea goes without saying: it €™s a reversal of the past three hundred years of liberty where we €™ve been allowed to say or print whatever we damn well want to subject only to the laws of libel, incitement to immediate violence and pressing concerns of national security (and even that last was a voluntary matter). If there €™s a complaint about something you €™ve published then that regulatory body can get you to correct it, apologise, pay damages and so on. And of course we all worry that this will then morph into more direct control of the press.

However, bad as all that is it gets much worse…

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