Oh baby jebus the sweet irony…

Last week we heard a brief blurb concerning America’s noted ambassadeur sans portefeuille Dennis Rodman’s (then) upcoming visit to North Korea.

After a moment or two of fluff — intoned in that serious NPR mien– the reporter ended with…

“North Korean and South Korea were once the same country but split after a brief war in the early 1950s.” 1

So it has come to pass that major historical events that shaped the current global geo-political landscape are but reductionist footnotes in the service of the cult of personality. Small wonder then that actual news garners little more than a headline “At the Top of the Hour!” Such was the case in CLAPPER, DIRECTOR OF NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE, ET AL. v. AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL USA ET AL.

SCOTUS barely looked at it.

Indeed, what they did was punt.

For all intents and purposes SCOTUS decided that it would protect the ongoing (and imho illegal) secret federal government surveillance programs snooping into any and all American’s lives because introducing evidence in support of same would be all too damned secret. 2

Once again a lawsuit challenging the decade old Fed’s clandestine electronic surveillance of all Americans is dismissed without any ruling on whether said egregiously poor manners also happens to violate several constitutional rights.

This tactic should shock or at least frighten core Obama supporters; it is no different in any aspect than what The Dark Lord and Shrub did, that is wrap its actions in total secrecy. Which in turns allows SCOTUS (or that right-wing portion thereof) to smarmily assert that since nobody can, you know, prove you’ve been subjected to electronic eavesdropping (because IT”S SECRET!!!!) you have no “standing” to sue and (possibly) garner a ruling on the constitutionality of said (SECRET!!!!) eavesdropping.

Seriously, people…

Wake the fuck up.

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Show 2 footnotes

  1. Or something awfully similar; I was taking directions on what to add and/or not add to the Astas’ pizza and was somewhat distracted. In the end, aptly enough, we agreed to a pizza DMZ: mushrooms on the north half, pepperoni on the south half. However no huge flags were allowed to fly over any part of the DMZ.
  2. And here we’d like to recommend a book for all you who only think you understand the phrase Catch 22.

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