Now There’s An Idea

Rahm Emanuel May Be Toying With 2016 Presidential Run


Obama’s former chief of staff Rahm Emanuel might make a go for 2016, two well-connected Democrats tell Lloyd Grove’s long as Hillary doesn’t. And the potty-mouthed Chicago mayor could win.

Once it was sufficient enough for Chicago to simply high-jack finesse their own elections.

However the City of Big Shoulders recently muscled into the Big Time. Depending on who you ask the Chicago machine branched out back in 2008 with President Obama  and now seem hell-bent on installing Emanuel as  his successor.

Of course Hillary is the wildcard here.

No way Chicago can simply push out the Clintons, regardless of Hillary’s less than optimal chances at capturing the nomination next time around.

Which, let’s face it, aren’t all that great. She’s still carrying around some baggage from 2008 and her most recent public sector stint won’t soon be forgotten. 1

No, if Emanuel decides to run against Hillary in 2016 it would be a bigger knock-down drag-out affair than the 2008 cage match Democratic primary.

Here’s an idea.

As CPAC just demonstrated, the GOP doesn’t have a viable presidential candidate. 2 Hillary should move down to some southern,  right-wing gawdawful & fearin’ shithole 3 and join -in this order – the NRA, NASCAR and the GOP. 4

She’d snap up the nomination easily because by that time even the GOP’s “leaders” would realize there are still more voting women and white people in America than Hispanics and other minorities. 5

I’d pay good money to watch that scenario unfold. 6

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Show 6 footnotes

  1. Which undoubtedly fries Bill’s grits; don’t think he hasn’t been wending his Machiavellian way among the Democratic party faithful, making promises here, threatening there, greasing the skids whenever he can, all in service of getting himself some more White House ‘poon… ’cause, like, he totes has.
  2. In fact, I still have no idea what Sarah Palin brings to the GOP, do you? The Rands have already cornered sheer flakiness, even when they sound reasonable. But Sarah? She’s beginning to remind me more and more of Tiny Tim. No, not that one, the other one.
  3. Alabama or Mississippi immediately stumble to mind.
  4. Don’t tell me that won’t work; it’s pretty much a blow-by-blow replica of her successful Senatorial bid.
  5. Many of whom hate each other with a passion one can’t begin to imagine.
  6. Especially if she came out of the closet to “broaden her base.”

6 Replies to “Now There’s An Idea”

    1. Who say there hasn’t been a gay president?

      Also, they said the same thing (back in the day) about a Catholic president and look how that turned…oh. Wait; never mind.

  1. Catholics didn’t kill the savior. Christians were even willing to vote for a mormon and we know there isn’t any love lost there. The furthest a jew ever got was Lieberman in his capacity as Loserman.

    1. Yeah, I see your point.

      Not for nuthin’ but killing the christ child seems like such an obviously career limiting move it makes you wonder what “your” people were thinking of; any insight you’d like to offer?

      1. I don’t see see why christians are pissed at us for this, if we didn’t do it, no one would die for your people’s sins, no Easter egg hunts, etc. you owe us one….

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