The Week\’s Leavings

Though there are but two degrees of separation between our self and President Obama, don’t expect us to use that influence to save America’s bacon.

It’s not because we don’t want to forstall the (at this point) all but inevitable sequestration; we do. It’s that there’s no one available to reason with: Congress is on an early and thoroughly unwarranted 10 day spring break. And the President is off golfing. 1

Even were all responsible parties available we expect our pleas would fall on righteously closed minds . After all, the Cabinet heads delivered their official impact of sequestration papers to the Senate Appropriations Committee over the last month and, as grim as those projections are 2, the mummbling word out of WDC is that Congress sees at least a partial automatic sequestration as a blameless budget cutting process. 3

And that’s important because there will be a backlash. Several friends employed in the DoD’s various services have been told to be ready for a two week furlough. The whisper stream on the civil service side hears 22 total days off – one Friday every pay period.

So, in addition to across the board cuts to all government programs, around 6 million people may lose up to a fifth of their salary. Which means they will accordingly cut back on their spending. Which will have that pissing down effect on the entire economy that Reagan once so wonderfully elucidated. 4

Yet another example of the stirring leadership emanating from Washington this week.

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This is this — Washington nonsense. If you look at what Democrats did Clarence Thomas — — Democrats did the judge Bork you look at the three months — the John Tower was hung out to drive by the senate… No matter how stupid Chuck Hagel is, no matter how bad his performance, who matter how much he keeps in secret, we all know he’s an honourable man. How do we know that?

Honourable Statesman Newt Gingrich

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Last year’s estimates have over a million Russian drivers with dash-cams in their cars.

This is not, as one might surmise after spending hours on YouTube, in order to amuse the Innernetz. Rather it is a deliberate and systemic response to pernicious and pervasive government corruption.

What’s up with that? You’d think the Russian government had authorized killing drone strikes on its own citizens or something.

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We have previously mentioned that we subscribe to Esquire mostly for samples of colognes we can’t afford.

There is also on occasion some damned fine writing and journalism within its pages. The new issue contains two such pieces. One is The Shooter. Read it.

In the same issue is a fine example of satire/black irony in the monthly column A Thousand Words. Author Stephen Marche argues Americans will never give up their guns, mostly because they’re so beautiful.

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On the tech side…remember Posterous?

Twitter purchased the useless shit company last year. Why? Well, apparently, to kill it.

On April 30th, we will turn off and our mobile apps in order to focus 100% of our efforts on Twitter. This means that as of April 30, Posterous Spaces will no longer be available either to view or to edit.

We don’t personally know anyone who uses the service, but if you do? Now might be a good time to retrieve whatever it is they’re holding for you.

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George R. Martin is 64. But that’s not so old that a few more millions wouldn’t tickle his fancy. Accordingly he’s in talks with HBO, by his own words, to develop a prequel to GoT.

Which is annoying. We’re not that much younger than George and would appreciate if he were to actually finish GoT before turning his attention elsewhere; Old Man Time is a strict and tricky taskmaster, one can’t willy-nilly count on another 30 years simply because an ego-besotted author can’t close the deal.

C’mon, George – enough already. Finish the A Song of Ice and Fire saga.

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Soooo…apparently the Pope has a conscience?

Or did he read the writing on the wall and – not wanting to end up like Pope John Paul I – stepped down before someone could slip him a fatal dose of digitalis?

Motive? Well, hell – the fact that the Catholic Church now rivals NAMBLA in popular esteem should be sufficient, wouldn’t you think?

Whatever – who cares, right? The whole organization should be dismantled; the IOR turned inside out by Swiss auditors and the Vatican – with its infamous art filled caverns – istelf sold off to (as Sarah Silverman once trenchantly noted) “feed the world.”

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Finally…let us introduce you, one tiny golden square at a time, to the new world.

As uncertainty about the stability of the global economy spreads and investors look for ways to diversify their assets, precious metals companies are looking for ways to cater to those who are seeking a safe haven in assets like gold and silver.

Though often described as “the money of last resort,” one gripe from potential investors about owning gold is that it is costly, currently running around $1700 an ounce, and not feasible as an emergency exchange mechanism in the event of financial and economic catastrophe that may disrupt food supplies and the normal flow of commerce. The problem with one ounce gold coins, or even 1/10th of an ounce fractional coins, is that if you needed to buy a few loaves of bread, medicine, clothing or supplies in an emergency it would be difficult to do so with a gold coin as opposed to something like silver, which can be more easily traded for smaller value goods.

Enter the “Combibar” Gold Card – designed for “a scary new world.”


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Show 4 footnotes

  1. A compulsion/addiction we painfully empathise with. Indeed, we have ducked out of a few boring meetings to walk a quick nine holes. However, we would note that we have never done so instead apprehending someone poised to wreck violent mayhem on even a single individual, much less a whole economy.
  2. Here is what our Department Secretary submitted.
  3. Because the Gang of 6, or Spanky’s Gang, or some such bullshit group was ‘responsible’ for the law, not Congress per se. Yes, I know that’s specious nonsense. I’m just telling you what the Gang of Liars and Thieves Back East would have you believe.
  4. It was “Just Say No!”, right?

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