No Sign Yet of Kal-El

Ever since the meteor exploded somewhere over this impoverished Siberian town, Larisa V. Briyukova wondered what to do with the fist-size stone she found under a hole in the roof tiles of her woodshed.

Aleksandra Gerasimova, a retired milkmaid, showed the rocks she had found. She said one tore a hole in her coat on Friday after she went out to investigate a flash in the sky.

On Monday, a stranger knocked on her door, offering about $60, Ms. Briyukova said. After some haggling, they settled on a price of $230. A few hours later, another man pulled up, looked at the hole in the roof and offered $1,300.

“Now I regret selling it,” said Ms. Briyukova, a 43-year-old homemaker. “But then, who knows? The police might have come and taken it away anyway.”

Not to harp, but…got lemons? Make lemonade. 1

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  1. The WSJ calls last Friday’s Surprise “the largest such object to hit the Earth in more than a century.” Which seems to stretch credulity beyond the breaking-point; scientists know of every astral object to negatively impact the earth anywhere in the last 100 years? Hell, they haven’t even adequately explained Bobby Jindal, much less his eerie ability to perform exorcisms. No way they’ve tracked every piece of space debris that splashes into the ocean or rockets into the rainforests.

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