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The rules on this are so simple that even now the Astas are crafting their submissions 1:

Decide what would be the “Ultimate Movie Party”; select every last detail of the party, from what you want to see screened at the Alamo Drafthouse, to what what food and drink is served. Don’t forget ambiance, possible props provided, ulterior motives and any other finicky detail that you feel would make the party a swinging time. 2

Don’t hold back – Alamo wants you to free your Id: “Creativity is key. We want to see ideas for movies and elements we haven’t seen before. Stagger us with your creative ideas for a perfect movie experience, ” said Alamo Drafthouse Director of Programs Kristen Bell.

The most important caveat is that your party must take place inside an Alamo Drafthouse Cinema location. 3 Oh, and submissions must be in before February 28th, 2013.

More information (and the official rules and submissions) can be found here or on Alamo’s Facebook page.

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  1. They didn’t at all like my idea of screening “Cocoon” and having Alamo Mainstreet foot Wilfred Brimley’s travel expenses to attend the party just so we could hear him explain, in person, how much it hurts when he pees. Kids – go figure.
  2. Hip Suburban White Guy might, for example, decide to screen “Rocky Horror Picture Show” for all his ex-wives and their new lovers/husbands. And given the advanced ages of the participants props might include -beside the usual bags of rice, water guns, newspapers, confetti, toilet paper, medical gloves and lube – canes, walkers and hearing aids. Were KC With the Russian Accent to host the event there would undoubtedly be bottles of vodka passed out to each attendee, as well as wheelchairs, so everyone could participate in that long, lovely wheelchair-baby carriage scene in “Battleship Potemkin“.
  3. Yes, I suppose that means if you want the party to be held at the Austin, TX, site, that will happen. I expect you’ll have to motivate you and your friends to Texas all by your lonesome though. I didn’t see anything about providing travel or hotel expenses included. Check the rules for yourself.

6 thoughts on “Mainstreet Party”

  1. I am actually not a fan of the above mentioned masterpiece and there is not enough vodka in all of the Alamo to make me enjoy it. Coincidentally the Potyomkin Stairs were a backdrop for another movie filmed last december. I’ll send you some pictures after work

    1. I have to admit that I’m not a fan, either. However Howie Moskowitz -from whom I took several film, film theory and film criticism courses- was rather fond of it. Though not as fond as he was of The Godfather: “Quite simple a masterpiece; the use of shadows, of negative space…” So it is eternally stuck in my head…

      Thanks for the offer of the pics; this a new Russian movie?

    1. Thanks for the link…though you wildly overestimate my linguistic abilities; it’s been a few decades since Monterey. I did, however, get the gist of it. And while I’m happy to say I recognized Ivan Buninthe, it’s only because I (accidentally) read one of his short stories a yew years back in a collection of Russian mysteries that also contained detective stories by Pushkin, Chekhov, Tolstoy, and the like.

      But I haven’t read Sunstroke or the particular story that’s being filmed.

      Found it interesting that the article’s author believes the film’s director will ‘twist’ what was essentially a love story into an anti-Bolshevik screed; I often have to remind myself that America did not invent revisionist history…

      On another note I am surprised that Doctor Zhivago was not easily available to USSR citizens until the advent of perestroika – guessing it was due to the antimonarchist theme underlying the novel?

  2. probably because it didn’t show the revolution in the most glowing tones. search my blog for Pasternak and there is a post there about it. Mikhalkov went from beloved actor/director to a generally despised Putin’s cohort and his latest movies bombed. But since he is in charge of the money spigot, he gets to do it over and over.

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